Friday, May 7, 2010

Real Estate Humor - A Fertile Field For Freud!

Sometimes I think the subconscious mind is controlling our typing, while the conscious mind is watching old Seinfeld and Family Guy reruns. Maybe Dr. Freud could explain some of these hilarious Los Angeles area postings in the MLS that range from weird spellings to oddball comments.
See if you can figure out what these agents are trying to say. But...if you are one of the agents who posted these listing remarks, call your therapist!

Carl Jung and Then Some:

"Do not go before calling - god bites." (That beats burning in the depths of hell.)

"Do not disturb occupunks" (The headstone of Sid Vicious?)

"Seller won't pay to test septic - says he's cleaned out." (Apparently seller ran a router through his down-spouter.)

"Wine and cheesey balls served." (Uh, pardon me, Mr. Limburger, are these yours?")

"Buyer who shows the most gets reward." (Seriously, dude, laughing at you is reward enough!)

"Master with sauna and new hit tub" (A Jersey special - Cream ‘em, Steam ‘em and Clean ‘em.)

Dr. Kinsey and Seller Whimsy

"Pipes just rodol roodled" (Agent just befiddle faddled.)

"Be sure to leave your business." (I have a hunch the seller who's "cleaned out" already did.)

"House w/ big balcony. Walk on at own risk." (Does the HOA cover DOA?)

"Staples for horses" (Office Depot for cows.)

"If you pass, you'll be sorry." (Especially if God bites!)

Call Dr. Phil, Then Pop a Pill