Friday, May 15, 2009

Back By "Poopular" Demand - More Agent Bloopers

It's Un-Real Estate, folks...and just when you thought you heard ‘em all -
How About These Marketing Strategies!
Kids Play Rum (And agent apparently drinks it.)
Main house and carnage house. ( Bugsy Siegel must have lived there.)
Home Made Hiney rolls served (Do I get Wipes with that?)
Two minutes to Strip (Can you buy me dinner first?)
Club foot tub (Getting those special shoes on the tub must have been a killer.)
Sheik contemporary (A modern house in Dubai?)
New pole in back yard for outdoor fun (Must be the Bunny Ranch.)
Bring your fuzziest clients (Including your hairy mother.)
Special tanks to those who donate. (Wouldn't an AK-47 suffice?)
Beautiful Sanitarium for Sunny mornings. (Electro-shock anyone?)
Major stone coming to the neighborhood. (Ouch, that will be hard to pass.)
Newer constriction. (Try a colonic.)
Own a piece of heathen. (Ah...the Bunny Ranch again...)
House rises above the street. (The David Copperfield Estate.)
New cemen driveway ( I'll bet it's near the Bunny Ranch)
More Kinky and Quirky:
Private Studo above garage. (How convenient - give him my number!)
Large dick for entertaining (Hmmm, does this belong to Studo?)
Dog runs on one side (Maybe he only has 2 legs)
Built in stereo and TB (Is this the house with the sanitarium?)
Bogus room downstairs (Can I submit a bogus offer?)
Room for bunker beds (Archie and Edith lived here.)
Seasonal creep runs alongside the road (Is his name, Studo?)
Stoned patio. (Someone Bogarted that joint.)
Statutes in garden (Was this a law library?)
Owen doesn't work. (Kick his butt to the curb... Then call Studo.)
EZ access for mountn sports (An elevator to Studo's pad above the garage?)
Rede Twice, Use Spell Czech, and Lern Englesh
"Dance andf art studio" (For classically trained farters)
Disclosure: Pet ceminary nearby. (For pets going into the ministry.)
New lightening in pool area (That's a killer deal!)
Submit with FUCO scores. (Because this is a FUCO house?)
Proof of funs needed (Isn't the pole out back proof enough?)
Low interest rats (Vermin that are bored easily)
Seller is a crapenter (He obviously does sh-y work!)
Rod in bedroom goes with seller, so please don't ask. (Don't flatter yourself, Studo!)
Diamond in the Ruff (Well, pump the poor dog's stomach!)
Bar-B-Q Pet in Back Yard (Apparently Ruff didn't survive.)
Looking for Hot Buyers (Ugly folks need not apply.)
Big yard with "squirls and Rabies." (Sellers frothing at the mouth to make a deal?)
Comes with dick and dingy (Sean Penn and Jessica Simpson?)
Drawing for Special Prixe (You ain't that special, Studo.)
And This Week's Favorite:
Hind End Recessed Lights (Designed for the place "where the sun don't shine")

Thanks again to the MLS, the LA Times, the New York Times, and LA Magazine for your unwitting contributions. First posted on Agent Genius 05/15/2009

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