Friday, February 12, 2010


For quite some time I have been collecting misspelled names of people and well-known places in our area. Sometimes the misspellings are even better than the actual names. Others, however, are just plain funny. Who could possibly argue that "Blurbank" Airport wouldn't be a better name for that smog covered destination spot? And "Universaltile" Studios kind of says it all, doesn't it? Please enjoy:

Selling in the Land of Oz

"Designed by Frank Lord Wright" (Yes, some thought he was a god...)

"New Thermaldoor Fridge" (This actually make sense...if you plan to wear the door to go skiing.)
"Pt. Doom in Malibu" (That's Dune...unless you're the Grim Reaper.)

"Studio in Sliverlake" (That's Silverlake...although there is barely a sliver of water.)

"Near the beach in beautiful Belmont Sore" (Where the water obviously breeds contagions...)

"Views of Gotty Museum" (That's Getty...unless you're referring to a butcher shop in Jersey. )

"Lorna Ashley Prints" (Lorna Luft married Ashley Simpson and created this line of fabrics. They later created a cookie called Lorna Doone. "Lorna Doom" if you are in Malibu of course.)

"Beverlywould" (That's Beverlywood. Or would Beverly? Bev? Bev? Wouldya Bev?)

History 101

"Grivith Park" (That's Griffith Park - Purchased by Melanie, of course, right after she married Andy Griffith and gave birth to Opie, who changed his name to Ron Howard right after the Aunt Bea-Gomer scandal. No wonder Ron lost his hair.)

"Marina DelRoy" (It used to be Marina Del Rey until actor Delroy Lindo won the marina in a floating crap game. The floating crap was in the harbor.)

"Whiter" (This was Whittier...until it turned a Whiter Shade of Pale.)

"Handcock Park" (Seriously??? That's Hancock, you pervert!)

"Near LAXE" (Los Angeles Airport - renamed because flying out of this airport is sure to make you s__t your shorts.)

"Splanish Ranch in Asusa" (Gesundheit! That's Azusa - as in "A to Z in the USA . Does that 'splain things? )


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