Saturday, October 24, 2009

MLS One-liners - Buh Dum Bum

Just when I am convinced I have seen all the MLS bloopers that could possible occur, the MLS rides forth again with a cornucopia of delicious craziness. Hang on for this week's ride:

A Whole Bag of Crazy

"Separate quarters to hose your guests" (Not a B & B, but a Stay and Spray.)

"See attached pigs under main photo" (See agent under bar stool.)

"Oggers presented at 6:00 pm" (Ah...a cotillion for trolls.)

"Watch the sun drip behind the mountains" (The ultimate in Global Warming.)

"EZ access to fleeway" (A home near the Mexican border, no doubt.)

"Metriculous attention to detail" (Somehow I doubt that...)

"Living room offers pastural views" (Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam...)

"Stunned canyon views" (Stoned canyon agent.)

"Must call first - Private Celebrity Confound" (Exclusion and confusion!)


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