Friday, November 6, 2009

Hollywood Real Estate - Stop the Madness!

There is no end to bad taste. Last week after recounting some of the wacky decorating schemes I have witnessed during my time warp in Los Angeles, I received many comments from others who have witnessed "decorating" madness and mayhem in their own towns as well. From body parts to tasteless "art," here are a few more staging props and flops to scratch your head about:

Wacky or Tacky?
The mask like the one in The Texas Chain Saw Murders hanging over a producer's toilet. (Obviously intended to scare the crap outta you.)

The Halloween display in Laurel Canyon that consisted of a car, under which were bloody body parts and severed limbs. (And you wonder why our kiddies are in rehab instead of preschool...)

The house of a Psychic Reader in West Hollywood with the sign that said "Out of Business...but I saw it coming."

The house with the beanbag chairs in the living room...and a fake beanstalk in the corner. (If the chairs were rockers, would Keith Richards be in the corner?)

The scarecrow in the garden in Eagle Rock with Pamela Anderson's photo as a face. (Hands off the melons!)

The house with a very timid Maltese looking out the window, and a doorbell that sounds like a pack of ferocious barking dogs. (...Either it was a door bell, or the Maltese is a talented ventriloquist.)

The dummy "plumber," complete with butt crack, propped near a counter at a Silver Lake take out restaurant. (Cracks and snacks.)

The peace sign on the front gate of a home in Laurel Canyon, and the other sign on the garage that says KEEP The F____OUT! (Talk about commitment issues!)

The "vomiting" pumpkins with the beer cans strewn about, strategically placed next to a Big Wheels covered in pumpkin filling with the sign that says "Don't Drink and Drive." (Don't you long for the days when poison candy was enough to explain to the kids?)


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